Saturday, May 3, 2008

Choc- Cup Cakes

At the start of the week I was impatiently awaiting a package of peanut butter cups. The disappointment of finding the post office box still empty on Tuesday lead me to make a half batch of choc-peanut butter cup cakes. Of course the peanut butter cups arrived the following day, and I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch of cups, followed by a cupcake, followed by more cups. (Followed by a jog!)

Mum requested more chocolate cupcakes to take to her boyfriend this weekend, and I opted to use up some leftover coconut milk to make choc-coconut cupcakes. I made the batch using normal wheat flour and thus couldn't eat them, but I did take out a scoop of the batter pre-flour and mix in some spelt flour to make a single wheat free cupcake for me. To compensate for having only one cupcake, I claimed all the extra icing. :)

Both batches were made using mashed prunes instead of butter or oil, and I was really surprised by how well they turned out. The original chocolate cake recipe calls for the butter and sugar to be creamed, as well as for the eggs to be separated and whites whipped to soft peaks. I just chucked the prunes, sugar, and eggs together and mixed them thoroughly, and the cupcakes turned out really moist but still light and fluffy. Little bits of prune are visible in the cakes, but don't alter the flavour at all.

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