Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Banana Bread

As you can see, I baked banana bread. Much to my surprise, this was the best banana bread I have ever made! I usually make banana cake rather than bread, partly because I grew up eating banana cake (with lemon icing) and I still use my mum's recipe which is perfect, and partly because I'm simply a cake fiend.

I opted for banana bread this time though, because Fran prefers it, and because last time I made the cake with white sugar rather than the specified brown sugar (which is very hard to find in Germany) it turned out really light and fine instead of dense and moist like it's supposed to be. This is also why I was so surprised that the banana bread turned out so well, because the recipe I used also called for brown sugar, but I used white, and somehow it still came out incredibly moist. In fact, it was almost a hybrid of banana cake and bread; dense and moist like the former, but not too crumbly and easy to slice like the latter. Perfect with a bit of butter (though it went down just fine without the butter too) and a cup of Earl Grey tea.

This banana bread was my last baking task in Berlin. The following day I headed back home, taking a big chunk of banana bread to eat on the first of three flights, and 30 hours later I was in Brisbane, Australia. I have mixed feelings about being back here, but at the very least I am excited to have easy access to brown sugar, liquid vanilla extract, choc chips, and of course fresh tropical fruit.

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zoe said...

I just found your blog and I really think your photos are excellent. I love it! I'll be back to see what you whip up next!