Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Choc Oat Hazelnut Cookies

I baked some ordinary cookies this afternoon. But in this household, even if your cookies are crap they will be eaten, and the first half of the batch looked like this ->
before the second half was even out of the oven.

I made these cookies a few weeks ago and they were really good, so the scribbled down recipe was stuck on the fridge and that's what I worked off today. Just by looking at the recipe I expected it to be too dry, and instead of doing my usual fix everything trick of adding milk (and what I probably did last time), I went looking on the computer for the recipe, couldn't find it, and ended up adding more flour and another egg. I knew this was stupid as soon as I did it.

The cookies aren't actually bad, but they're disappointing, and not up to my usual standard. They're a bit eggy (funny that), and not as sweet as they should be. The only other problem really is that they're just kind of... ugly.

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cc said...

wow - how fun are you!? Thanks for the nice comments. The cupcakes were fun
and easy - peas were skittles, carrots a starburst cut into 4 and corn was yellow jelly beans.
Have a great day!
Love your blog topics!