Sunday, March 2, 2008


I mostly only bake in the evenings, which isn't the best time to photograph the results. Unfortunately there isn't usually much left the next day to photograph. This batch of cookies survived the night almost intact (I only ate a couple, and no one else was home). I wanted to play with the cookie cutters so I made some simple butter cookies with some mixed spice thrown in for interest. They were actually really good, and they disappeared very quickly once they were discovered by the rest of the household.

Since the the butter cookies there has been a batch of choc-hazelnut cookies, the last three of which someone had for breakfast the following day (I'd eaten half a dozen as my dinner, so I wasn't in a position to criticise), and on Friday night I made wholemeal bread rolls and pizza scrolls. There's two bread rolls left, and the last scroll was gobbled up this morning.

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