Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sharing the love with soft and squishy yarny goodness

I enjoy knitting for other people, and it's always nice when the recipient of a knitting item is genuinely excited by and appreciative of a gift. I'm a serial beanie and scarf maker, and most friends have at least one of each from me. I'm pretty easy to please, all I expect in return is a thank you, so the list of will not knit for people is quite short, though I must admit that a couple of names ended up on the list because they appreciated the knitted items more than me!

A friend of mine who lives in London has been feeling a bit down lately, so I knit her some cheery yellow wristwarmers in squishy alpaca and sent them off last week. She sent me an sms on Saturday saying "I just got your gift and it made me cry. Thank you so so much!", and posted about them today on her blog, saying that she's been wearing them every day. In a comment to that post, another friend mentioned "I wear the maroon and black scarf you made every day btw". The scarf she's referring to was made in 2001, and was actually what got me back knitting regularly!

It makes me feel all soft and squishy like a nice ball of alpaca.

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Nicole and Phil said...

hey there...
these turned out really well! I remember you talking about them last month!
Hope to see you at the knit meet in a couple of weeks!
Almost finished the socks I was working on...just got to sew the toe up, and working on the next pair.
Right must get going and get the kids ready for watching Return of the Jedi....having a Star Wars fest here this week! LOL
hating this transport strike! Stuck at home...but I have been quilting lots! :)